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Selected Fun Problems of the ACM Programming Contest (Proseminar)
Type of Module

Elective Compulsory
Work load
- Contact time
- Self study
90 h
Class time:
30 h / 2 SWS
Self study:
60 h
Duration 1 Semester
Frequency Irregular
Language of instruction German and English
Type of Exam


Lecture type(s) Proseminar

The participants of this seminar each work on a selected topic of the annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Challenge (ICPC). This includes the conception of proposed solutions and their implementation. Participants communicate these solutions in the form of an approximately 30-minute presentation and demonstrate the resulting software. Equal emphasis is placed on (a) content-related aspects and (b) questions regarding presentation technique. In addition, a compact written elaboration summarizes the solution to the problem.


Students will be able to adequately select appropriate programming paradigms and languages for problem solving. Reading and learning skills are acquired. The compact and effective presentation of the acquired knowledge in the form of presentation and text is learned. The student acts confidently in front of the plenum. Self-discipline, critical faculties, language skills and empathy are promoted and challenged. As listeners, the participants are able to give their fellow students critical but fair feedback on the content and formal aspects of the presentation.

Allocation of credits / grading
Type of Class
Type of Exam
Exam duration
of Module (%)
Prerequisite for participation INFM1110 Practical Computer Science 1: Declarative Programming,

INFM1120 Practical Computer Science 2: Imperative and Object-Oriented Programming
Lecturer / Other Grust

Ausgewählte Originalaufgaben des ACM ICPC Programmierwettbewerbes Literatur zu rogrammierparadigmen und –sprachen Hinweise zur Vortragstechnik und Erstellung von wissenschaftlichen Artikeln

Last offered Wintersemester 2021
Planned for Sommersemester 2023
Assigned Study Areas INFM1510, MEINFM1510