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Introduction to Web Development
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Elective Compulsory
Work load
- Contact time
- Self study
180 h
Class time:
60 h / 4 SWS
Self study:
120 h
Duration 1 Semester
Frequency In the winter semester
Language of instruction German
Type of Exam

Written Test

Lecture type(s) Lecture, Tutorial

Protocols and network technology for the web, the
Apache web server in detail, content management systems, esp. TYPO3, frameworks, especially ZEND framework, CakePHP and Ruby on Rails, software architectures for the web, classification of web applications, web services, media formats for the web (MIME), performance testing for web applications, project management for the WWW, techniques of the internet 2: Shibboleth and more, web security, legal aspects on the web: TKG, DSG, TMG and more


Students understand the principles of the Web and know how to evaluate different techniques. They understand how the web server works and can independently install, configure and operate web servers. They know different software architectures on the Web and can implement simple applications according to these. The student is actively familiar with the operation and application areas of various frameworks and content management systems. In addition, the student knows the current legal framework for the operation of a web server and is able to recognize and close the most important security gaps.

Allocation of credits / grading
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Type of Exam
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of Module (%)
Prerequisite for participation MEINFM3171 Introduction to Internet Technologies
Lecturer / Other Walter

Walter, T.: Kompendium derWeb-Programmierung, Springer 2007 Kappel, G., Pröll, B., Reich, S., Retschitzegger: Web-Engineering, dpunkt 2004

Last offered unknown
Planned for currently not planned
Assigned Study Areas BIOINFM2510, INFM2510, INFM3110, MDZINFM2510, MEINFM3210, MEINFM3220